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E-bike excursions

Another way to get to know Sardinia

If you want to visit Sardinia in a sustainable way, reach uncontaminated places and get in touch with local realities, ride with us on an e-bike.

Choose one of our guided excursions, designed according to individual needs and abilities, with different formulas ranging from family baby tours to more challenging routes or multiple-day experiences.

Our bicycles with pedal as well as assisted pedaling allow you to make much longer and more intense routes, ideal both for those who do not have a great experience or cycling preparation, and for fans of two wheels!E-bikes are simple to use and anyone can do it, just know how to ride and know how to use a traditional bike.

Moving with an e-bike you can have a completely ecological experience and help to respect the environment.


E-Bike to Lake and Perda Liana

e-bike Sardegna
An excursion with e-Bikes among the lights, colors and silences of Gennargentu along the panoramic road that runs along Lake Alto Flumendosa until you reach the majestic limestone heel of Perda Liana. To keep us company the scents of aromatic herbs, grazing animals and the sounds of nature that dominates undisturbed.

Aperitif in e-Bike

e-bike Sardegna
An excursion with e-Bikes that starts from the territory of Baunei and ends with a relaxing aperitif by Lake Santa Lucia or the sea of Tortolì. The brackish scent of the beaches, the characteristic views of the Ogliastra countryside, the noise of the wind that caresses the branches of the pine forests and the traditional Sardinian aperitif (of land or sea).

By e-bike to the tomb of the giants

e-bike sardegna
The e-bike route that accompanies us to discover archaeological Sardinia, passing in the territories of Baunei, Triei and Ardali.
The magic of the island also lies in the deep roots with the past and its history, to remind us of it there are the tall and imposing stone monoliths that pierce the earth and look towards the sun: the Tombs of giants.

Family day with the e-bike

e-bike Sardegna
A family trip with the e-bike to the countryside of Villagrande and Girasole. Children will love to be transported in the car seat, on the car or in the company of a donkey (mini trekking someggiato).

Dedicate time to yourself and your affections, to listen and listen, surrounded by a natural lake frame and pampered by a taste of cheese and wine at the Nuraghe Murtarba farm.

e-bike Pischina e’ Gurthaddala

Escursioni Sardegna

The magic atmosphere of Pischina e’Gurthaddala brings us into another dimension. Step by step, going deeper in the mountain we have the opportunity to live a special experience: in the warm embrace of the Supramonte. 


Supramonte e-Bike

ebike Sardegna

An e-bike excursion to one of the most evocative places in Ogliastra: the Supramonte di Urzulei.An e-bike excursion to one of the most evocative places in Ogliastra: the Supramonte di Urzulei.
In the company of native animals, we will cycle immersed in the scents of santolina, cat grass, helichrysum and thyme, make a foray into the Sardinian archaeological landscape and enjoy breathtaking views.


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