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Supramonte by e-bike

Pischina ‘e Gurthàddala

The magic atmosphere of Pischina e’Gurthaddala brings us into another dimension. Step by step, going deeper in the mountain we have the opportunity to live a special experience: in the warm embrace of the Supramonte.

Staying still and in silence we can go deeper into our souls protected by the embrace of the Supramonte


  • Territory: Ogliastra, Urzulei
  • Length: about 30 km by e-bike, trekking 2 km
  • Bottom: dirt path

We will start with the ebikes from km 177,500 of the SS 125 in Ghenna ‘e Ruge to enter Supramonte, crossed the plateau of Campu Oddeu, we will continue towards the imposing lecceta we will reach Sa Sedda as Bacas and near the homonymous sheepfold (Barracu). A few steps away we will meet the monumental badger (Taxus Baccata) and the Tomb of the Giants and then we leave the ebikes, quickly arrive in the precious karst pond of Pischina ‘e Gurthàddala. 


Info e costi
  • Daytime excursion
  • Recommended period: From March to November. For the other months a careful assessment of the weather conditions is necessary
  • Departure and return location: possibility to agree the starting point up to the jeep
  • Minimum equipment: Hiking boots, 1.5 L of water, windbreaker or sweatshirt


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