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Family excursions

Excursions by e bike, MTB and family trekking

Nature is a continuous discovery, for children it is an exciting adventure.

Getting to know Sardinia and Ogliastra with the pleasant times of the family, with the company of parents and children is an opportunity to feel good and to learn about the territory.
A unique path, to be organized with family and family, suitable for the needs of children and parents.

Trekking or ebikes throughout the day, or short flexible routes. Children’s ebikes, transporters, bike seats and other facilities allow us to organize the experience suitable for every family.


Family day with the e-bike

e-bike Sardegna

A family trip with the e-bike to the countryside of Villagrande and Girasole. Children will love to be transported in the bike seat.

Dedicate time to yourself and your affections, to listen and listen, surrounded by a natural lake frame and pampered by a taste of cheese and wine at the Nuraghe Murtarba farm.

By e-bike to the tomb of the giants

e-bike sardegna

The e-bike route that accompanies us to discover archaeological Sardinia, passing in the territories of Baunei, Triei and Ardali.
The magic of the island also lies in the deep roots with the past and its history, to remind us of it there are the tall and imposing stone monoliths that pierce the earth and look towards the sun: the Tombs of giants.

E-Bike excursions to Lake Flumendosa and Perda Liana

e-bike Sardegna
An excursion with e-Bikes among the lights, colors and silences of Gennargentu along the panoramic road that runs along Lake Alto Flumendosa until you reach the majestic limestone heel of Perda Liana.
To keep us company the scents of aromatic herbs, grazing animals and the sounds of nature that dominates undisturbed.

Trekking to monumental trees

n unusual route in the heart of Gennargentu, during which, after lychee woods, waterways and abandoned sheepfolds, we will arrive in front of the imposing monumental lyse.

The walk that will lead us to the foot of the “Lord of the Shadow”, the lyceus with over 700 square meters of crown cover, will be enriched by frequent sightings of mufle and mouflons, especially of birdlife and golden eagle, undisputed dominatrix of these skies.

Night on the Gennargentu

Escursioni Sardegna

Reach Punta La Marmora, and, still intoxicated by its scents, sleep under the stars of Gennargentu.
The day and its colors, the night and its silences for an absolute, unique and intense experience in the roof of Sardinia.

Trekking in Punta La Marmora


A suggestive route that, starting from lake flumendosa and going up the Gennargentu mountain massif, leads us to the roof of the island: Punta La Marmora (1,834 m above sea level). The road to the highest peak of Sardinia will reveal green woods, garighe and the mysterious nuragic village of Molathò (Ruinas), with the remains of its 120 huts and a central nuraghe still in good condition and can be visited inside. Mouflons, herds of horses (once domestic and now feral) and the golden eagle will be our fellow hikers.

Aperitif in e-Bike

e-bike Sardegna
An excursion with e-Bikes that starts from the territory of Baunei and ends with a relaxing aperitif by Lake Santa Lucia or the sea of Tortolì.
The brackish scent of the beaches, the characteristic views of the Ogliastra countryside, the noise of the wind that caresses the branches of the pine forests and the traditional Sardinian aperitif (of land or sea).

Supramonte Excursions

Escursioni Sardegna
Unique scenarios sweetened by the fragrances of helichrysum and santolina will accompany the journey, where the gaze ranges freely towards limestone plateaus, centuries-old leccetes, grazing animals and mouflons, under the discreet and present gaze of the golden eagle.


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