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Trekking to monumental trees

Discovering the Ilixi de Perreddu lyse

An unusual route in the heart of Gennargentu, during which, after lychee woods, waterways and abandoned sheepfolds, we will arrive in front of the imposing monumental lyse.

The walk that will lead us to the foot of the “Lord of the Shadow”, the lyceus with over 700 square meters of crown cover, will be enriched by the frequent sightings of mufle and mouflons, especially birdlife and golden eagle, undisputed dominatrix of these skies


  • Territory:Ogliastra – Arzana, Villagrande
  • Length: 11km
  • Level:“T” – “E” – from Tourist to Hiking
  • Bottom: dirt path
  • Suitable for Families: Possibility to be evaluated together with parentsNerary: Place of departure to be agreed according to needs. We will enter the Gennargentu massif for about 15 km of paved road, we will reach the frumini resort, intersection of the two rivers that originate the Rio Flumendosa. From there we will also move, on foot, on a path of about 4 km that untangles between lyse woods and streams, passing through now abandoned sheepfolds and arriving in front of the monumental lyse called “Ilixi de Perreddu”.

Variant with trilobe maple visit in addition to S’Ilixi de PeredduI

Itinerary: Place of departure to be agreed according to needs. Visit of other monumental trees, including a trilobe maple tree, with a crown covering about 350 square meters and millennial badgers. (Route characteristics: Dirt road to be done by off-road or other suitable vehicle).

Off-road excursion, discovering Gennargentu

Itinerary: Place of departure to be agreed according to needs. Visit of the millennial badgers and the trilobo maple, passing from the panoramic point Monte Idolo at 1240 m.m s. and at the foot of the natural monument Preda Liana in the Municipality of Gairo. (Characteristics of the route:Excursion to be done almost exclusively by off-road or other suitable means, on dirt and paved roads, with the possibility of short walking trips – Commitment in time: about 6 hours).


Info e costi
  • Day time excursion: Timetables to be agreed
  • Recommended period: from March to November. For the other months a careful assessment of the weather conditions is required.
  • Minimum equipment: Sneakers suitable for pedaling, water, windbreaker or sweatshirt (at certain times of the year)
  • Costs and Services: The cost of the day trip, including a professional guide and a picnic with cheeses, cold cuts and wine, from €50.00/ca



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