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What is a pedal-assisted bicycle?

"E-bikes" are the latest generation bicycles equipped with an electric motor that assists pedaling, for this reason they are also known as pedal-assisted bicycles (EPAC – ElectricPedalAssistedCycleo Pedelec).

The e-bike engine is activated only when cycling, providing "help" to the rider and greatly reducing effort and fatigue compared to a traditional (muscular) bike, especially when tackling climbs. Independently it is possible to decide if and how much to be assisted by the engine (an E-bike with the engine disabled / off, is in fact a normal muscular bike).

E-bikes allow you to discover or rediscover the joy of cycling during a journey to discover new places, experiencing fantastic experiences, enjoying breathtaking views, perhaps between tastings of typical products in farmhouses or picnics in the middle of the

They can be defined as inclusive means, as they offer everyone the opportunity to move around the city or immersed in nature, with the right effort, allowing everyone to live the experience that used to be only for those who, for training or sports reasons, used the traditional muscular bike.

The advantages of using an e-bike

  • It is an ecological means and meets the criteria of sustainable development of the planet since it needs very little energy and can also be loaded from renewable sources (e.g. solar panels).
  • It has low running costs, not requiring approvals and insurance.
  • E-bikes share with traditional bikes all the health benefits of the body and mind, which derive from healthy physical activity by bike in the open air.
  • The effort, during an e-bike ride, is less intense, making electric bicycles the ideal means to do physical activity in a gradual, more constant and non-stressful way for the joints and for the cardiovascular system. The engine, in fact, is felt especially in times when it is normally more difficult, as in areas on steep slopes (hilly or mountainous) and on the beach.
  • It is suitable for everyone: it is ideal for those who want to start training and is also perfect for those who are already trained and want to have fun with more intense rides, taking advantage of the e-bike with the engine off.


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